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When to Have a Baby

How do you know when it's the right time to have kids? This is such a personal decision. Linely shares with you her top 5 reasons why she isn't ready to have a bambino and Elise shares with you her top 5 reasons for why she is ready.

How Much Does a Baby Cost?

Becoming parents is expensive! Elise and her partner Martin go over all of the estimated first year costs of having a baby in Minneapolis. We want to hear from all of the parents out there. How much did the first year cost you? What did we leave out? What did we overestimate? Please leave a comment below.

When to Have a Baby Part 2

Deciding when to have kids can feel overwhelming. Elise checks in with her partner about his considerations about when to have children. We would love to hear from the dads out there about how you knew you were ready to have kids.

Strong Like Mama

Transitioning back to work after parental leave can be incredibly exhausting and emotional. For some mamas it feels so good to jump back into work and for others it is heartbreaking. We sat down with Alex West Steinman to talk about her upcoming transition back to work from maternity leave. Alex writes the awesome parenting blog Strong Like Mama and also recently launched a t-shirt line that focuses on positive mom messages.