Let's Protect These Women's Health Features of Obamacare

Let's Protect These Women's Health Features of Obamacare

Republicans are moving closer and closer to repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Whether you are for the repeal or against the repeal, there are important women's health features worth protecting. Below are 5 features of the ACA that should absolutely be maintained even if the ACA is repealed. 

1. Coverage for maternity care

Under the ACA insurers are required to cover maternity services (prenatal support, labor, delivery, postpartum support, etc.). Over 8.7 million women with individual insurance gained coverage for these services because of the ACA. 

2. Women can no longer be charged more just because of their gender

Prior to the ACA a 25 year old woman could expect to pay 81% more for health insurance than a man of the same age in Arkansas. Insurers are no longer allowed to discriminate based on gender.

3. Coverage for preventative care services without cost sharing

The ACA requires insurers to cover all of these women's preventative health services without charging co-pays. 

4. Support for breastfeeding

The ACA requires insurers to cover the cost of a breast pump and breastfeeding support. The ACA also includes a provision that requires employers to provide time and space for breast pumping.

5. Women with pre-existing conditions (INCLUDING PREGNANCY) cannot be discriminated against

If you want to ensure these features are protected, support Senator Gillibrand's amendment to the 2017 Budget Resolution.This amendment would protect women's health coverage even if the ACA is repealed. Make sure to share this information with your friends and family who are on both sides of this issue. Ensuring pregnant women have health insurance shouldn't be a political debate.

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